Mind Body Soul

Acceptance is key in finding happiness

By Mpumi Hlatshwayo

Mantra for the day: “I give up freely what is no longer serving me. I give up the need to control situations in my life. I release it to create space for what inspires me.

Acceptance is freedom that many do not get to enjoy. It is the key to happiness. We run around day to day trying to control situations and certain events in our lives. We try to control relationships, careers,finances etc. This in turn builds up tension in ourselves because things do not always end up the way we expect. It is time for us to let go and trust that God / the universe is in control of our lives. Acceptance will allow us to be more open to the blessings and miracles that lie ahead for us. Accept things as they are and experience inner peace. Acceptance is about being OK with the here and now. Being OK with who you are, your life, your relationships, your job etc. Be OK with the status quo.

It doesn’t really matter if you are unhappy with the different aspects of your life. The stagnation you experience in your career, the relationship that didn’t work out, your negative financial situation. Accept all these aspects as they are and you will experience true happiness. It is of no use to worry over things you cannot control. The present is a gift and should be experienced fully without worry of what was or of what is to come. Nobody knows what lies ahead and therefore we should live without expectations. It is vital that we meditate and remain grounded each and everyday. That is life’s gift to us, the here and now.Acceptance will save us a lot of unnecessary stress too. Trust in God/the universe. Free yourself and free your mind.

Wednesday, 17April 2019