I embrace fully what I’ve been gifted without fear of judgement.

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What I love most about spirituality.

By Mpumi Hlatshwayo

Posted Wednesday 29 May 2019 @ 13h05

Like I always say “I’m not religious, I’m spiritual”. Not that there’s anything wrong with religion, it’s just my choice. My reason for the path I chose, the path of higher-consciousness is that it gives me a deeper and more meaningful connection to God. It has allowed me to solidify my relationship with Source who is the divine and infinite consciousness. I have connected to the depths of who I am and who He is through my spiritual practices. He is I and I am Him. To me… God is the source of all that is good and pure. He is my end all be all. I love that I can have a direct connection with Him without any “middleman”. He is the greatness that dwells within.

Spirituality has given me the freedom to embrace my individuality. This path has allowed me to rid myself of the old. It has granted me the freedom to be my true authentic self. I can connect with my higher-self. I can live freely without seeking the approval of others. I embrace the fact that there is more to me than what is here in the physical.There is more to life than the here and now. I find bliss in knowing that there is no need for competition with anyone. Because I am of God, I too am a divine being. I embody the true essence of his power.

What I love most about spirituality is also the understanding that I am never alone. I will never walk alone. I am being led by the voice of my inner guidance. This is assurance that the path I walk is divinely orchestrated. I acknowledge that spirit walks with me. I honour my way-showers and my guides who are sent to assist me on this journey. Spirituality has renewed my faith in the deeper meaning of life. This has allowed me to walk firmly in my authenticity. It has opened my eyes to the great purpose I hold within me.

I have endured a great deal of karma in my life. With spirituality I am able to to dissect and understand the why’s and the how’s of it all. I understand the reasons for pain. I understand the reasons for my being “different”. This journey has taught me that I hold divine power within to help me overcome any trials and tribulations I may come across. Spirituality allows me to revel in my own power and grow from my experiences. I am the creator of my own reality. All that I desire is already within me. I do not need validation from anyone therefore I do not seek it. I do not need others telling me who I should and should not be, what I can and cannot do. I am the writer, director and star of my own show. That is the gift that I’ve been gifted through spirituality.

P.S. Remember that you too hold greatness within.


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Posted 21 May 2019 03:45

Faith sees the invisible, believes the incredible and receives the impossible. Through faith we take a risk into unknown territory. This shows that we trust in something that is not visible to catch us when we fall. Faith is a seed, if you sow it, you will reap it. Faith brings us hope, which is the courage to make things happen. Doesn’t matter what you believe in, just believe in something.

“The more in harmony with yourself you are, the more joyful you are and the more faithful you are. Faith is not to disconnect you from reality – it connects you to reality.”- Paulo Coelho

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Self care tips for productivity

Mpumi Hlatshwayo, Thursday 16 May 2016

We all want to be superman sometimes. We lead such busy lives and end wanting to achieve a lot more than is possible in just one day. The self care tips provided here should help you from feeling discombobulated. Setting goals and achieving them is a great feeling that we all want to experience as often as possible, but it should never be at the detriment of your well being. Time management is important because it will lead to increased productivity. It is therefore vital that you are realistic with the goals that you set for yourself on regular basis. This will minimize the chances of you burning out.

Here’s a few tips on how to take better care of yourself while you’re out saving the world:

It is very important that you practice the art of self care. Get an average of 8 hours of sleep. Keep your body well hydrated and drink an average of 8 glasses of water per day. Practice deep breathing whenever you start to feel stressed or anxious. You can also start by breaking down your long-term goals into smaller tasks per day. This is guaranteed to kick chaos and confusion to the curb. Being more organized will help you get more done a lot quicker than if you began with no plan at all. Your energy is very precious and should not be scattered on unnecessary stress. It is important to always make time to unwind and give time to relaxation everyday. Life should be more fun so balance is needed in both work and play. Do little things each day that are solely for your benefit.

Self care is king!

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Full moon in Scorpio 18 May 2018

Deep & intense emotions

By Mpumi Hlatshwayo, Thursday 16 May 2019 14h00

Scorpio is ruled by Mars and Pluto which makes it both mysterious and magnetic. The full moon in Scorpio will be on the 18th of May 2019. This is a very significant full moon happening in the sign of Scorpio. Full moons are usually a time of releasing the old and letting go of any baggage that we do not need on our journey. Whether this is a toxic relationship/friendship or a job that is just leading you nowhere. Scorpio energy is a sign that correlates with death and death in spirituality usually represents endings. Through our many transformations on our spiritual journey, we are constantly going through death and rebirth cycles. Every time we experience death, we experience a newness thereafter. This is a sense of shedding old skin and becoming renewed.

What these energies are really about:

Deep emotions will come to the surface, you will be forced to evaluate what else needs to die in your life. We would need to go in to deep reflection on what it is that we truly value in our lives. Scorpio is usually a very intense sign and it will not be easy for anyone to let go of something that means a lot to them. There may be a great sense of attachment to whatever needs to be released. Because letting go is never easy, these energies will also provide us with great healing as well. We still have the new moon energies in Taurus still strongly present. The new moon in Taurus is also about our finances and wealth (but can be about more than just money). Remember that the universe grants us wealth in other areas as well. Taurus is ruled by Venus and highlights the senses such as taste, love, passion and beauty. This energy allows you to see how you can do things different in these areas of your life. Taurus being an earth sign will allow you to bring some of these desires into reality and make them more tangible. How these energies will be affected during the full moon is that there may be changes in fortune. It is a very practical and earthy vibration. With the full moon in Scorpio you now have to ask yourself: What is it that I need to let go of? What is it that is keeping me from enjoying and manifesting these desires in my life?

Scorpio full moon is a time to remember to nurture yourself and go within to unveil the treasures that you hold inside. Move forward towards your deepest desires. Your attitude will need to be adjusted in order for you to be able to achieve your goals. Any areas that you have been experiencing difficulty in, will be the areas that are illuminated at this time. As you get to understand the truth of a situation, you will become changed and strengthened as well. You may be given a new area to focus your attention and energy on or you may be provided with a new perspective on a particular situation. What you can do to stay afloat is to remain motivated and balanced during this shift of energy. It is a good time to do your grounding meditation and say your prayers.


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Kick Karma!

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Karma is about lessons. There are parts of ourselves that need to be rediscovered by us through the experiences we encounter. We learn and gather strength through these experiences. Once we’ve learnt the lesson, karma is released.When karma shows up in your relationships, there are ways of dealing with it. You can practice these few things until the lesson has been learned and you can close that cycle and move on. It is very important that you always speak your truth in all relationships. Use your voice as a positive vibration. It is also vital that you practice the greater aspect of love of self.

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