Jupiter retrograde: current energies

24 April 2019

What is Jupiter retrograde and what does it mean?

Jupiter has been retrograde from 10 April 2019 and will be spinning backwards until 11 August 2019, this will be in the sign of Sagittarius. Unlike Mercury (the planet of communication) retrograde this will actually bring very positive energies. Mercury retrograde usually brings about chaos and misunderstandings etc. This will be a big push forward. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, abundance and prosperity. It is also the largest planet in our solar system (know as the planet of wisdom as well). This is a great time to expand our knowledge and territory. A great time to learn new things and being open to experiencing new things in our lives.

This retrograde phase is an awesome time to take rest as well. Jupiter is masculine energy and during retrograde period,he will be resting. This is the same energy that you should take on as well during this time. You’ve done the work and have put in the effort in whatever areas of your life necessary. Now it’s time to reap those rewards. You need to be in the receiving mode of the blessings that Jupiter is pouring into your life. It is a time of gifts. This will also be a time to reflect and evaluate where you are and where you are going in life. This may be uncomfortable for some people to go within because the energy may also be heavy. You may have to deal with the issues you have been avoiding. Now is the time for you to be propelled in the right direction. You may find yourself learning new things and being exposed to new cultured and beliefs. Relationships and friendships may be reviewed and finances too. Use this time wisely.

Jupiter is your Guru and will only give you what you desire provided that it is good for you. Not just what you want in a superficial sense. Allow yourself to receive the knowledge that you receive and have a knowing that this will bring about positive changes into your life. This a great time for positive soul growth energy. This is a five month long retrograde that you can use as a rest period. Take is a period of positive transformation. Personally for me, the beginning of the retrograde was a bit tough. But I must say it’s been greatly rewarding in the sense that I’ve actually started doing things I’ve been putting off for a while now. I hope you also allow this retrograde to be a positive period for you as well.

Mpumi Hlatshwayo

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