The energy of asteroid Juno

[The asteroid of partnership and marriage]

Written by Mpumi Hlatshwayo 24/07/2019 @ 12h30

Astronomers believe that asteroids are remains of what once were planets. Some just consider them as huge rocks of gravel. Yet when they were discovered, they were given names of mythology goddesses e.g Ceres, Pallas, Juno, Vesta, Astraea. They were first discovered two centuries ago. In this article we’ll be focusing on asteroid Juno, mmmhhh (what a beautiful name it is). Juno is the carrier of feminine energy because she is all about longevity and deals with relationships. She deals with the energy that binds long-term relationships. Asteroids in general have a much bigger impact on us than planets do. This is because they are a lot closer and their energies are a lot sharper. Asteroids play a significant role in astrology because they are sometimes given birth to by planets.

There is also an ancient story that claims that Juno was married to Jupiter. Juno was known to be a jealous wife and Jupiter was not so innocent himself, as he is said to have had numerous love affairs. The most famous love affair was with lo. You are welcome to read the detailed story in the below link.

Juno represents what we are attracted to in terms of a life partner. This will be indicated by the sign that Juno is placed in on our individual birth chart. Venus is usually the planet is most associated with love. But there is a difference between the two.

The difference is that:

. Venus is how we act when we get into relationships and who we are attracted to romantically.

. Juno is the person who is most compatible for us in terms of long term partnerships.

If your Venus and Juno signs are clashing with one another or are contradictory in any way. You may experience conflict in terms of the type of people you’re attracted to vs the type of people who would actually be more suitable for you. Your Juno placement is what you need to be focusing on in long lasting partnerships. The universe usually knows us better that we know ourselves. So we can look at asteroid Juno as the partner that the universe has handpicked for us. Juno goes beyond sex and physical attraction. It is about loyalty and faithfulness in a partnership.

The sign that Juno is placed in on your chart will describe the attributes of your life partner. It means they will embody that energy and not necessarily be that sign. e.g If Juno is in Virgo, it just means that your ideal partner will embody Virgo qualities. The house placement will describe how you view marriage and its energy. Below is a cheat sheet I created for Juno in the signs.

Side note:

Personally it turns out that for me, that the men I should have been focused on were nowhere near what I thought was my type or what I was into at the time. Now that I’ve matured I see that God knows best what is best for me. Who I was and who I am now…totally different.

If you want to know how to find the placement of Juno in your chart you can do so at or You will have to add it as an additional aspect of your chart because it does not automatically appear.

The symbol for Juno

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