Getting that physical mental and spiritual ‘glow’

Mpumi Hlatshwayo 19/07/2019 @ 12:15

While it is important to look after our bodies on a spiritual and emotional level, it is also of great importance to look after yourself physically. When we look good, we feel good and great things happen when we feel good. We are able to attract positivity. There is power in positivity and vitality of the body, the mind and the soul. Occasionally we all go through rough patches. We might go through relationship difficulties, loss of income or something else that just didn’t go our way. This may have sent us spiraling down a pit of depression or dark night of the soul (as we sometimes to call it). What we go through emotionally will most likely affect us on mentally and physically.

Some of these difficulties may be damn near paralyzing to experiences. This ends up with us being lethargic and unwilling to take care of our appearance. With the help of our friends and family, we are most likely to rise above these situations. I always urge others to pray for their friends because we never really know what others are going through. There are a variety of mental health conditions that we should constantly be educating ourselves on. We are of better use when we know how to deal with situations when they appear.

Every part of our being is energy. We have a mental,spiritual, emotional and physical body. All require the utmost care. There are many practices that one can undertake in order to cater to each aspect of their being. These practices enable us to be balanced within ourselves. When our body is balanced it creates a connection to the universe. We are able to live a more vibrant life. We become more centered. When we embody that positive energy we are able to share that light and positivity with others.

Tips you can easily add to your routine include:

Pray/Meditate daily

Get a workout schedule and stick to it

Develop a skin care routine (moisturizing can save a life)

Drink loads of water

Eat more organic meals (less junk)

Grab a book and educate yourself

Start journaling regularly

Donate items you don’t need (de-cluttering can ease stress)

Avoid negative interactions

Spend plenty of time outdoors

DAILY REMINDER: Remind yourself daily how amazing and cable you are and that remind yourself that positivity is a choice.

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