What I love most about spirituality.

By Mpumi Hlatshwayo

Posted Wednesday 29 May 2019 @ 13h05

Like I always say “I’m not religious, I’m spiritual”. Not that there’s anything wrong with religion, it’s just my choice. My reason for the path I chose, the path of higher-consciousness is that it gives me a deeper and more meaningful connection to God. It has allowed me to solidify my relationship with Source who is the divine and infinite consciousness. I have connected to the depths of who I am and who He is through my spiritual practices. He is I and I am Him. To me… God is the source of all that is good and pure. He is my end all be all. I love that I can have a direct connection with Him without any “middleman”. He is the greatness that dwells within.

Spirituality has given me the freedom to embrace my individuality. This path has allowed me to rid myself of the old. It has granted me the freedom to be my true authentic self. I can connect with my higher-self. I can live freely without seeking the approval of others. I embrace the fact that there is more to me than what is here in the physical.There is more to life than the here and now. I find bliss in knowing that there is no need for competition with anyone. Because I am of God, I too am a divine being. I embody the true essence of his power.

What I love most about spirituality is also the understanding that I am never alone. I will never walk alone. I am being led by the voice of my inner guidance. This is assurance that the path I walk is divinely orchestrated. I acknowledge that spirit walks with me. I honour my way-showers and my guides who are sent to assist me on this journey. Spirituality has renewed my faith in the deeper meaning of life. This has allowed me to walk firmly in my authenticity. It has opened my eyes to the great purpose I hold within me.

I have endured a great deal of karma in my life. With spirituality I am able to to dissect and understand the why’s and the how’s of it all. I understand the reasons for pain. I understand the reasons for my being “different”. This journey has taught me that I hold divine power within to help me overcome any trials and tribulations I may come across. Spirituality allows me to revel in my own power and grow from my experiences. I am the creator of my own reality. All that I desire is already within me. I do not need validation from anyone therefore I do not seek it. I do not need others telling me who I should and should not be, what I can and cannot do. I am the writer, director and star of my own show. That is the gift that I’ve been gifted through spirituality.

P.S. Remember that you too hold greatness within.


Spirit & Me

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