More and more people are experiencing spiritual awakenings around the world…but what does it actually mean?

Mpumi Hlatshwayo, Friday 26 April 2019

Probably just like me, these people might think that they are going crazy when going through this transition. Spiritual awakenings are about change It is about being more aware of yourself and the reality around you. Hidden truths start coming to light. Your higher self is starting to reveal these things to you.Things that need to be changed in order for you to become a better version of yourself. It can start by question the world we live in, the government systems, the foods we eat, the music we listen to etc. Before these questions start popping up, we are basically asleep. That is why it is called an awakening. It is about becoming more conscious to the deeper meaning of life. Once we’re awake we begin to discover the power we hold within us. We start to understand that we are more than just these bodies that we occupy. We are spirit beings having a human experience. It is vital for us to awaken and know who we are before we can understand where we are going and what our life purpose is.

Going through a spiritual awakening can be an uncomfortable experience for many. It’s nothing that your mind and your body are used to, that is why it is such a difficult process both physically and mentally. It is definitely not all rainbows and butterflies. Usually spiritual awakenings are triggered by various painful experiences in our lives such as heartbreak, illness, accidents and/or death. This is usually how the process begins but there may be other ways that the process may begin in one’s life. Every individual may experience different levels of intensity, depending on their type of spiritual calling.

It may feel lonely, but spirit is always with you

Once you have become triggered into question, you start becoming more connected to God/ the universe. You start appreciating life a bit more. You also start to understand that you are co-creator with the universe when it comes to the direction that your life is heading. You start to understand that all the negative experiences you’ve had in your life were not to destroy you but to make you a stronger and more powerful individual. Life is a learning experience. Sometimes pain brings about a multitude of blessings. There are many symptoms that can determine whether one is going through a spiritual awakening.

Common signs of a spiritual awakening include:

  1. Experiencing a deep connection to everything in life which is called “interconnectedness”
  2. Your intuition becomes stronger and you become more aware
  3. Change in your sleeping patterns such as (waking up @ 3 am)
  4. You may experience high levels of emotion,with extreme highs and lows
  5. Seeing synchronities everywhere, such as repeating numbers 11:11, 555, 888 etc (These are called Angel numbers)
  6. Losing friends or changing the type of people you connect with, you long for deeper connections
  7. Feelings of being inspired and becoming more creative
  8. Anxiety (which will pass)
  9. Past issues come back to the surface in order to be dealt with and healed
  10. Ringing in the ears
  11. Emotional and Mental confusion
  12. Changes in weight (This is a phase, you will lose the weight again just be mindful of your diet and exercise)
  13. Changes in prayer or meditation
  14. Headaches, chest pains, flu-like symptoms (vibrational flu), muscular spasms etc
  15. Looking younger, particularly once you’ve cleared old issues
  16. Vivid dreams

The one thing that will help you get through this transition is a positive mindset. Once you have released and healed your past, you can look forward to being a lighter and fully awakened version of yourself. It is truly a beautiful thing.

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