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I believe that spiritual health is a great part of our well-being. There is a significant indication that spirituality is a way of life that brings about positivity in one’s life. It brings about optimism in the way one views life. It can improve one’s health and help cultivate positive relationships with yourself and others. This blog is a great place for those who are on their unique spiritual journey, who need a little motivation on their way. For those who find happiness in the truth. In knowing who they truly are outside of the physical world and their possessions. This is purely meant to be a fun place for sharing and learning about spirituality and other interesting topics.

Posi vibez only

I do also offer personalized astrology reports. Tarot readings are also in the works. I also provide tips on self care, spiritual cleansing and how to protect one’s energy. I take great pleasure in teaching others and offering advice on how one can heal themselves and learn from the lessons that life brings to each one of us. I am a college teacher by profession and find that this is a great outlet to exercise my passion for teaching. Whether you are going through a spiritual awakening or just interested in spirituality, this is the place for you. You’re really not as weird as you think. I will also be sharing a bit about my spiritual journey in some of my blogs.


Mpumi Hlatshwayo